Vegetable garden design ideas: the Glowpair

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vegetable garden design

If I had a (diamond) carrot for the amount of times I get asked to produce a vegetable garden design, I’d be a dripping in jewels!

Growing your own has become increasingly popular in recent years, so products to help the enthusiastic amateur succeed in their hobby are always exciting news in the market place. Glowpear (currently only available in the US and Australia) offers a stylish and simple new way to grow fruit and veg in small space vegetable garden design. The innovative feature of this product is its unique integrated watering system. The planter has been designed with fill points at either end to facilitate easy filling of its built-in water reservoir.

This water is then drawn up into the planter by capillary wicking action, watering your plants as they need it via their root system. A water level indicator allows you to see when the reservoir is running low. The modular units can be connected together to create as much planting space as you require. Being both compact and stylish make it a perfect solution for roof gardens, small space gardens or simply for people that fancy a bit of ‘grow your own’ without the commitment of an allotment or a dedicated plot in the garden.