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This client called Earth Designs as they were looking for a Walthamstow garden design. They had recently bought a property in E17, and wanted to make the most of the garden as it was the first time they had had one. She had a love of art deco and wanted to employ curves in the space. It was a self build, as her dad had offered to help, but she wanted some expertise and advice from Katrina before they started.


Going round in circles in this Walthamstow Garden Design

Going round in circles in this Walthamstow Garden Design



Katrina worked with the aspect of the garden (East facing) and placed two circles in the space where the sun hit the garden. She proposed circles could be paved with linear paving cut to shape, or the client could use a page circle kit. The direction of the paving was to flow in different directions to create contrast and inject energy into the space.

Art deco garden

Working with the motif of circles in this Walthamstow garden design, Katrina emphasised this by proposing a planting bed to offset the paved patio. By echoing the shape, it creates repeat and rhythm. Very common in deco language.

Garden path

Essentially most garden require a pathway taking the user from one end to the other. It is an opportunity to have some fun. A sense of journey was created, by the addition of some archways over the pathway. This then provides the opportunity for some scented climbers as well as great garden lighting. That creates a feeling of moving from one space or atmosphere to the next.


Katrina proposed a fun, “sit soft” area at the bottom of the garden. Masked by planting, this area was to be a great space for entertaining and parties. Circular sofas could be included placed around a fire pit for night-time fun.

Existing tree

The client had a large existing apple tree in the garden. This added a sense of maturity to the space and Katrina was reluctant to remove it. It gave structure and privacy to the garden. There was a large area behind it, which Katrina proposed could be utilised as a space to hang an adult swing.

Screening it

Layering up gardens by using screens of any sort always makes for great dramatic effect. In this Walthamstow garden design, Katrina proposed laser cut screens (In an art deco motif) to screen the area at the back and create height and intrigue.

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