Wanted: Woodford Landscaper to take our garden from drab to fab.

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These clients were looking for a Woodford landscaper to transform the garden from dab to fab. They called Earth Designs to see if they could deliver a creative, low maintenance, low-budget solution to their plot. We sent Katrina, our head of garden design round to see if she could deliver.

This client has lived in the home for a number of years. They needed the fresh pair of eyes from a Woodford landscaper. The garden is wide and shallow and contains very little of interest.

Now that the client’s children have grown up, they are keen to re-model the space into something more exciting and aesthetically pleasing. Low maintenance is a key consideration so they are happy to dispense with lawn entirely.


In the new design, the main entertaining area will be positioned in the right hand side of the space to make the most of the sun during the day. The right hand boundary wall will feature a panel of yellow Perspex, in front of which will be a decorative Corten steel screen installed within the planting bed. This serve both to break up the pattern of the bricks and add a block of colour during the winter months.

Flooring in this area will be laid with Porcelain tiles installed on a 45° angle to the house, to fill the right hand corner of the space. This patio will be large enough to accommodate outdoor sofas arranged around a Corten steel fire pit table to create a soft and cosy space.

A hardwood decking walkway, flanked by two yellow fibreglass planters, will lead from the main patio across the garden to the utility room door and a smaller porcelain tile patio directly outside the conservatory doors. This area will accommodate a bistro table and chairs to catch the early morning sun. A small section of paving to the right of the walkway will accommodate the barbecue.

Tropical low maintenance planting will fill the space with touches of yellow to provide year-round interest and colour.

family garden design
family garden design