In the Shedquarters – Water feature to light up your days and nights

garden design

I am a bit of a fence sitter when it comes to water features. I detest huge waterfall-over-rock combos in a small urban setting. However, this little treasure makes me chuckle.

water feature

A water feature and light

This super kooky water feature and light combo from Lights4Fun makes me smile. Made from weathered zinc it is small and compact and easy to incorporate into any garden design. Once the bucket is filled with water, it pops up the clear tube which then trickles down again from the levitating tap.

Perfect for small gardens

When you want to have a water feature but you don’t have the space, something small and reasonably discrete like this is just perfect. Position it on a patio to fill your garden with character and you can soften it by surrounding it with beautiful planting.

Suitable for most styles

The rather fabulous thing about the zinc garden fountain tap is not only it’s inexpensive price tag of £49.99, but also it would suit most garden styles. Even in an English country garden with roses, lavender and other traditional plants. Or, if you had a more modern garden design, it would be equally as attractive. For added wham-bam in your garden, get it in the January sales.