We need a Walthamstow landscaper to help create our dream garden

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Claire called in Earth Designs as she was looking for a Walthamstow Landscaper. They had a small garden, and needed to organise the space to the best advantage. They were planning an extension, so considered the garden design while the architects plans were being drawn. They contacted Earth Designs a year later to build the space for them.

This space currently consists of a concrete yard and ramshackle outbuilding offering little of interest and nothing to engage the client’s young family. The clients Who needs a Walthamstow landscaper to provide as much play space for their children as possible without making the small garden seem childish, while still enabling it to be used and enjoyed by the adults. Provision should also be made for the client’s bikes. The client’s plan to extend part of the property along the side return to square the house, which should be considered in the new design.


The garden will be paved with sandstone planks 800mm x 200mm. A large L-shaped decked seat will feature on the left hand side with a backdrop of metal wall tiles in a colour and pattern of the clients choice.

Cedar panel fencing will clad left and right boundaries and a single oak beam arch constructed over the bench seat. A storage unit large enough to house two bikes will be constructed at the back of the garden and will include an artificial lawn floor so the bikes can be removed to turn the space into a play den.

A stainless steel water rill will run diagonally across the garden offering a interactive feature for the children and aesthetic treat for adults.

A sandpit on casters and decking coffee table on casters could be stowed away under the bench seat when not in use to keep the garden clear. A pizza oven installed in the right hand side of the garden will make the finishing touch.

family garden design
family garden design