We need some help. We need a Rochford garden designer

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These clients were looking for a Rochford garden designer. Two had recently become free with the birth of their daughter and they were looking to make the most of their cottage in Rochford.

The garden has had little down to it, and it said the communal walkway with other residents. They wanted something low maintenance but pleasant to be in. They gave as designed a call to see what they come up with.

The clients have have lived in the property for a numbers of years and have previously paid little attention to the garden. However, the recent arrival of their new baby has prompted them to consider an overhaul of their outside space.

The back garden is a very communal area with four gardens in a row. They are connected by a shared path. They are keen to retain the open aspect between the gardens.

They are on a budget, and would like the design to include somewhere to sit and provision for their daughter to play.


The design divides the garden into three distinct sections. An area of artificial lawn allows for a paddling pool, sandpit or other play equipment. Running down the left-hand side of the garden will be a path constructed from 200mm x 800mm granite plank stepping stones with a Scottish pebble surround.

A third of the way down the garden a 600mm high raised railway sleeper planter will allow the client to grow vegetables. A flush level bed to the left of this will contain the client’s existing olive tree and a selection of culinary herbs. Behind this area will be a black slate patio framed by a slatted timber screen onto which the client can mount their mirrored sash window.

The back of the garden will accommodate is a bespoke storage unit and timber pergola which will be suitable for hanging children’s play equipment. Planting in the space is primarily climbers with a few low maintenance evergreen shrubs and herbaceous perennials.

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