Garden Design London: Diary of a London Based Garden Design and Build Company: Week 17 2010

garden design
  • Been super busy working on all the Garden Design projects we have in the studio at the moment. Will upload info on all these as we present them.
  • Matt continues to work hard down in Holloway, We presented the Family garden in Clapham.
  • Have organised another Garden Design Drawing Course for my students and have already filled all the places. If you would like to attend one of our drawing courses please let me know.
  • Said a fond farewell to Sally this week and a big hello to Helen. She joins us as a designer and project manager.
  • Matt’s  site team has also grown with the addition of Colin, an experienced landscaper who runs his own practise.
  • Received an email from Sarah-Jane Lampe, Editorial Assistant at Improving Magazine – ‘ I am writing a feature about garden design for Improving Magazine and wondered if you would mind answering some questions about garden design? It would be great if you would like to get involved, of course I would credit you and your company.’
  • We had an email from an old friend – how lovely she took the time to write:

Hi Katrina,  I don’t expect you will remember me.  I came to one of your open days a few years ago. I still get information from the Institute and I was interested to read about your study days.  They sound absolutely fantastic.  I’ve also had a good look round your website.  You clearly are very skilled in marketing and talented in design. The reason I’m writing is purely to say well done.  I think your attitude and inspiration are brilliant and I wish you and Matt all the very best in the future.  Kind regards Maggie

  • Had an email from Robert.

Good day Katrina, First thank you for doing your post on  my work.   Your blog and your network connections were the spark for the “blowup” of   the Terraforms. Just  google robert cannon sculpture or terraform sculpture to see how the work is being shown around the globe on websites, magazines, and even amazingly books,  the website registered over 750 hits one day  this month.  You are a very good mover and shaker. I can also say that I really respect the artistry of your design work, which is not often the case with typical mover and shaker types. Your plant, material, and color choices and general aesthetics are compelling.  With that in mind I am wondering if you would be interested in collaborating with me on a design for a huge duplex penthouse terrace in Manhattan with stunning views of the Hudson River.  The owners have mentioned wanting something of an English terrace garden.  They like classic designs typologies, despite the fact that the new building they’ve moved into is typical Miami Beach Minimaximal Modern.   As my practice has become quite specialized, I am hoping to find a landscape design talent like you and your firm to come up with a design, it could be installed by a local firm.    The details of working transcontinentally would be a challenge but hopefully not insurmountable. If you are interested please let me know. All the best, Robert