Essex Garden Designer’s Weekly Diary – Week 17

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WOTB wk17 2016

Katrina went to present the garden design in Essex. The client lives in Shenfield and has just bought the property which contains a swimming pool in the garden. They are keen to give the space a facelift so Katrina achieved this by including a series circular lawns moving throughout the space. The lawns are connected by a series of pathways covered by secular archways. Deep bold textured planting fills the beds. The client was delighted and has commissioned a build immediately.

Katrina went to present a garden design in Leigh-on-Sea. The client wanted a bright colourful space that was safe and pleasant for all the family to enjoy. They wish to reuse the existing fish pond and develop it into a raised bed planter. A timber screen with Perspex lenses backs onto this planter and whilst existing paving remains, artificial lawn and an additional paving outside the shed were specified.

Earth Designs have also written an article in the local magazine the Oracle. It talks about how a family can enjoy the garden and great items to include within the space.