Garden Design London: Diary of a London Based Garden Design and Build Company: Week 18 2010

garden design
  • Presented to 2 clients their Design London this week: a Stylish Modern Landscape for garden design in Balham, South London and Unique Funky Garden Design for urban garden in Kennington, South London.
  • ‘Wild Place, Your Space’. We were contacted by a representative from the RSPB with regard to a wildlife project that is being executed on the Waterworks Nature reserve in Leyton. They are building an educational wildlife area and came to Earth Designs to get a quote for building some raised beds. After a chat on the phone, I went to visit them and their Design London helped to come up with a design concept with which they can proceed to secure funding.
  • We were contacted by a lady from South Africa who would like us to design her garden …

‘Good morning.    Congratulations on a wonderful website.I was wondering do you do online designs.   I live in South Africa and have just moved into a new house and the garden desperately needs lots of attention…’

  • We also received an email about a Garden Design from California.

‘We saw photographs of your designs on Flickr and are interested in your Postal Design Package service.  Our home is located in Palo Alto, California and we have approximately 630 sq meters that is currently bare earth that we hope to turn into a family garden.  The climate here is similar to an Eastern Mediterranean climate.

 Our house was built in the 1950s in California-modern  style with large sections of glass walls.  The garden was probably once quite nice but due to complete shading by pine trees (now removed) there were no plants in the garden when we bought the house. The house is now being renovated to meet current earthquake standards but will keep the original California-modern style and we hope to update the garden as well.  

 My husband and I have been looking at many designers’ portfolios and have seen none that we like nearly as well as yours.  We feel that the blend of modern, contemporary, with an urban edge we see in your work would fit nicely with the 1950s modern style of our house.  Please let me know how you normally proceed with your Postal Design work – you have big fans in California. Cheers, Allison’

  • Went to visit Tamara who has recently bought a Huf Huas property. The property is in Dulwich, Design London south London and although Tamara has not yet exchanged on the sale she wants to plan the design in advance. The garden already has a fixed bench seating area, which Tamara wishes to retain but reduce in size. She also wants to add interest to the area. We drew an initial garden design concept sketch for the site, but are going to firm things up once we visit the site.
  • Undertook a Garden Design Consultation in Wanstead, East London, to discuss landscaping for a family garden.
  • Sachin contacted about his garden in St. John’s Wood, for which he would like a landscape design. He is moving into the property in North London in the next couple of months and wants to get a London based garden designer involved in the re-design of the exterior space. I am due to see him in the next couple of weeks once he can arrange access to the property.