Garden Design London: Diary of a London Based Garden Design and Build Company: Week 20 2010

garden design
  • Garden Design London Visited Cheryl to discuss her garden in Harlow. She lives on a new build with her husband and two children. They have lived there for a number of years and whilst they have done a considerable amount of internal refurbishment they have made little renovation to the garden.
  • Design London Continued to discuss the ‘Wild Space, Your Place’ public wildlife garden with Colin Bowen from the RSPB. We had a team meeting at Earth Designs’ garden office to discuss initial concepts and the tonality of the project. Matt and I had done some initial brainstorming at the weekend and during the meeting we set out to clarify those concepts and ensure we were on brief.
  • Matt and I had a large meeting at the Manor House on Monday to run over the garden specification document and scope of works. We also discussed the garden lighting scheme and the irrigation for the revised landscape plans for this large plot on Hertfordshire. Matt has been liaising with the surveyors and architects all week and some very important documents have been flying around- as usual, watch this space.
  • Went to visit Alistair about his courtyard garden in Camden. He has some ambitious plans for this small space in NW1. We are waiting for him to discuss the initial ideas with his girlfriend and get back to us.
  • Went to see Reema in Highgate, North London. She has a small garden which is part of a new build on the end of a row of terrace houses. With two children and a full time job, she wanted a low maintenance garden with a shed for bikes and a water feature. She is discussing the concepts with her husband before making a decision to move forward.
  • The plants arrived this week for Matt’s garden build in Holloway and have transformed the space. The lighting was partially installed on Friday- the rest to be completed on Tuesday. We hope to hand the finished garden over to James this week, with the hot tub and sail installation to happen at the end of June.
  • Garden Design London Was approached by an events company I used to freelance for about the installation of a ‘happening’ for a promotion for Sky 3D. The Prism, designed to look like it has fallen out the sky and embedded itself in the land, will be touring several of the music festivals during 2010. The ground around the structure needs to be sculpted to give the impression of an impact crater. After several research and development chats which lead to a better understanding of the logistics of creating the desired effect it was decided not to proceed with the landscaping due to time and budget constraints. However, the structure will still go ahead without the landscaping, so keep an eye out for it at any of the festivals you attend this year.