Garden Design London: Diary of a London Based Garden Design and Build Company: Week 22 2010

garden design

Allison  came back to us regarding a postal garden design for her house in California, USA . More on this in the coming weeks.

A new client, Alex, has commissioned a design for his garden in Stanmore. He wishes to include a play area and garden office in the plans. Matt is off to do the garden survey this week.

Finally the landscaping in Blackheath is all but finished. It has been a very long struggle to secure from the items from Morocco, as our first supplier let us down repeatedly and we were forced to source a new supplier. It was worth the wait though as the garden now looks fabulous. Many thanks to Jan and Adrian for their patience and here’s to a garden they can finally enjoy.

Matt started a garden landscape build in South London this week . There is very poor access and as there is a lot more sub-base in the garden than we anticipated it has been a slow start to the project. Hopefully once the clearance phase has passed things should start to speed up.

Had confirmation that the contemporary kitchen garden at the Manor House is to go ahead in a few weeks, with the rest of the build coming in a few months.

The Kitchen Garden 

Set within the old courtyard, this will be a stylish and social eating and relaxation area to complement the adjacent kitchen.  A circular table will be placed centrally, with the possibility of adding an outdoor kitchen to this area rather than the serpentine terrace if preferred. Planting will be provided by polished stainless steel tanks along the along the side of the staff accommodation (possibly planted with lavender), and tall polished steel planters planted with olive trees positioned between each window along the utility wing.  A unique sculpture (to be agreed with the client) will be placed so that it provides a focal point from the window at the end of the long corridor in the main house. Surfacing in the courtyard will be travertine paving installed in a random-lay pattern, with a circular cut-out around the central table planted with walkover planting such as lawn chamomile or creeping thyme.

The garden lighting and electrics were finished in the garden design in North London in Holloway this week. Matt is to return to the site in a couple of weeks to oversee the installation of the garden hot tub