Garden Design London: Diary of a London Based Garden Design and Build Company: Week 24 2010

garden design

∙         Did some sketches for a garden design in Muswell Hill London

∙         In a bid for professional personal development I attended an advanced course in Google Sketch Up. Had a great time and learned loads, but as with all things, the more you learn the more you realise how much you didn’t know!

∙         Matt is returning to a Bethnal Green garden design and build nearly 3 years ago. The clients were having their basement totally refurbished at the time and we needed to  wait until the works had finished before we could return to install a delicate pebble mosaic rug outside the back door. Finally the extensive works have been completed and we can return to complete the job.

∙         Finally got the go ahead for phase one of the Manor House in Hertfordshire. The Kitchen garden is to be completed through July with the rest of the works to be undertaken at a later date.

∙         Matt continues to work hard landscaping in Kennington. The garden is coming on leaps and bounds now and we anticipate completion next week with the lighting and irrigation system installed.

∙         Matt returned to one of our duress we did a garden design in West Hampstead, London we built 4 years ago and it’s looking fab!

∙        Finally had some time to start our business plan for the coming year. Going to look at developing our garden design by post service so we can design gardens internationally and following on from the recent interest in California garden designers, hope to get the opportunity for some variety. Also hope to develop our budget garden range ‘flat pack gardens’ aimed at the smaller budget and working with gardens of a set size and a series of options to select from on order to build  their garden on a budget. We hope the retail price to be £12,000 Inc