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Sweeping curves in this West London garden design

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Our senior garden designer, Katrina Kieffer-Wells, was called in to look at this West London garden design. The client had renovated the house extensively, and that had turned their attention to the back garden. They had a young son, and wanted to maximise the space for his enjoyment as well as their own entertaining. Katrina needed to deliver, an elegant solution for the space that suited all members of the family.

West London garden design

Curving it up in this West London Garden Design

Curving up the space

The design was made up of an elongated S-shaped path stretching down the space. This draws the eye from left to right across the garden, and locked to the edges of the composite garage that is sited halfway down the plot.


By using an elliptical motif through the space, it allowed for a good use of maximising the plot. It softened the space and followed the S-shaped path, whilst creating long lawns suitable for ball games.

Zoning space

The S-shaped path it divided the garden into various zones that can be defined for different uses. Zoning space tantalises the user into journeying to the next area of the garden.

The focal point

Directly beyond the patio next to the house, a water feature was included. It created a focal point visible from the house that could be enjoyed from the main seating area. It also drew the eye to the foreground and provided a highlight to interact with whilst viewing the garden from indoors.

Hidden area

Whilst the garage in the middle of the garden was very imposing, we could play to its strengths by utilising the area behind it. Not visible from the house, this space provided the perfect opportunity to tuck away any children’s play equipment. It became a hidden area that could change as the offspring grew up.

Reveal and conceal

The S-shaped path layout in this West London garden design allows for the space to be opened and then closed up. By having open spaces of lawn it allows the user to breathe, and then by including planting either side of the pathway it makes the space feel closed again. It is a great basis for most gardens as it is a highly adaptable design.