Why don’t you just GROWUP

Vegetable gardening in small spaces

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While I was rooting round on the internet recently I dug up this little baby. Ideal for vegetable gardening in small spaces

Vegtable gardening in a small space

Let it Grow – small scale vegetable gardening in a designer way

The GROWUP system was designed by a German design team and is an entry into the James Dyson Awards.

GROWUP is designed to be modular, letting you link multiple units together. It is a prototype with some strange features, such as combining phone charging capabilities with growing vegetables. However, while the concept may be a little unusual at this stage, I think there is definitely a place for this kind of modular system for growing vegetables in small spaces.

As we become increasingly disassociated from the source of our food, there is a growing backlash against mass farming and more and more people wish to know the provenance of the food they eat. The health and environmental benefits of homegrown or organic fruit and vegetables are widely recognised. The and this system works well in where space is at a premium, and allows people in flats and with small gardens a feasible option for an effective and easy way to grow vegetables.

GROWUP vertical vegtable gardening