Garden Designer in Chalkwell – Can you help?

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Garden Designer in Chalkwell

This client was looking for a garden designer in Chalkwell. They’ve owned their family home for a number of years and her three boys were all keen sportsman. The garden was tired and neglected and used as a cricket pitch and a little else. Their aim was to create a huge family space for the boys to enjoy as they grew older. They wanted to include a swimming pool with potential access to the house as all the boys enjoyed swimming and I felt this would be a great asset to the garden.

A large area of artificial lawn would provide minimal maintenance for them and the undulating curves around the edge of the garden would form various patios and planting beds. An Indian sandstone patio directly outside the house would connect to patio areas towards the back of the garden. This area will be suitable for dining and could houses a large round table and chairs for multiple occupancy. The sandstone patio on the left hand side would used for sofas and coffee tables and would add a more relaxed setting.

It could also include a fire pit for when the sun went down. Pleached trees across the back of the garden would allow for privacy in the garden and screen tennis courts beyond. The swimming pool was to be cited in the back right hand corner of the garden and have a decking floor. Bi fold doors in the house would mean that the garden becomes part of the house.