Walthamstow garden design perspective 1

in this Garden Design, Walthamstow a plant lover the client requires a garden that provides plenty of provision for flowering plants and fruit trees and canes.  An existing wildlife pond needs to be improved.  The client has expressed a preference for the cottage garden style.

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London Garden Design Walthamstow Ideas and Materials

London Garden Design Walthamstow Ideas and Materials

 This fairly narrow garden is to be divided into three distinct areas. A terrace of random lay Indian sandstone paving will be installed adjacent to the house, softened by a surrounding gravel bed interspersed with creeping ground Sempervivums. A step down from this terrace leads to a gravel patio, inlaid with occasional sunken railway sleepers. To the left, adjoining the side of the garage, will be a bespoke sunken wildlife pond. The feature will comprise a butyl lined pond edged with untreated African Azobe railway sleepers. Several underwater ledges and shallow areas will allow the inclusion of wildlife friendly marginal and aquatic planting. A railway sleeper ‘wall’ running along the side of the pond against the garage wall will feature two copper pipe spouts which will pour water into the pond below, helping to aerate the pond to encourage wildlife to flourish.

Walthamstow garden design plan London Garden Design Walthamstow Ideas and Materials

 A chunky softwood pergola will enclose this area and will include slatted timber panels and stainless steel tension wire trellis to provide support to climbing roses and mask the garage and unsightly boundary fence. The pergola will also support a simple bench-style swing seat.  The rear of the garage is masked by bespoke timber trellis and climbing plants. This area will also accommodate a rotary clothes dryer, compost bin and water butt.  The remainder of the garden contains two long L-shaped beds constructed from sturdy African Azobe railway sleepers around a central lawn area. The centre of the lawn will feature a fruit tree, while wicker obelisks in each raised bed will add vertical interest.  A narrow bed planted with climbers runs along one boundary, while a bed along the opposite boundary will feature espalier fruit trees complemented by a mix of cottage garden favourites.  This bed is edged with step-over pear trees.  The existing shed will be relocated so that is cannot be seen from the house. The existing site of the shed will become a wide bed planted with fruit canes.

Walthamstow garden design planting plan and lighting design

Garden Design Walthamstow  Garden Design Walthamstow  Walthamstow garden design plan Walthamstow garden design perspectives

Walthamstow garden design planting plan and lighting designWalthamstow garden designWalthamstow garden designWalthamstow garden design

Walthamstow garden designWalthamstow garden designWalthamstow garden designWalthamstow garden design perspective 1

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Clearance and preparation    
~ Remove existing paving and sub-base    
~ Remove existing lawn    
~ Remove existing pond    
~ Remove existing planting. PLEASE NOTE: includes the services of a qualified tree surgeon to remove
   large Pyracantha (including stump) at bottom of the garden    
~ Remove general garden waste    
~ Relocate existing shed as per design. This includes the installation of a concrete base at 150mm thick.
~ Remove existing shed base.    
Waste disposal (skip hire (multiple))    
Paving with gravel infill    
Install random lay sandstone paving (area adjoining house) as per design. To comprise:   
~ Excavate areas to be paved to depth of approx. 150mm – 175mm below finished level of paving
~ Install MOT type 1 granular sub-base at 100mm compacted thickness  
~ Install Indian sandstone paving in random pattern to cover approximately 8 metres  
~ Infill area around paving with pea shingle gravel at a depth of approximately 50mm. Substrate
   (earth) beneath gravel to be levelled and compacted prior to installation of weed suppressing membrane  
All materials for above    
Disposal of excavated waste    
* Paving to be laid on full mortar bed (min. 25mm thick). As sandstone paving is a handcut material with
hewn edges, mortar joint sizes will vary. Paving to be laid with 1:80 run-off into gravel beds.,
Gravel flooring    
Install gravel flooring throughout pergola area/lower garden as per design. To comprise:   
~ Construct restraining wall/step from upper area from new treated pine railway sleepers (1 sleeper high) 
~ Install timber edging to edge flush planting beds and lawn (approx. 60 linear metres in total)
~ Infill entire area with pea shingle gravel at a depth of approximately 50mm. Substrate (earth) beneath
   gravel to be levelled and compacted prior to installation of weed suppressing membrane    
All materials for above    
Disposal of excavated waste    
Galvanised Wire Trellis (NOT TENSIONED)    
Construct decorative wire trellis. To comprise:    
~ Galvanised steel garden tie wire    
~ Galvanised steel vine eyes to secure    
Labour to install    
Pergola structure    
Construct timber structure (2200mm high), as per design. To comprise:  
~ Pressure treated 150mm x 150mm timber for posts and top beams   
~ Exterior timber screws to fix    
~ Concrete to secure support posts (minimum 600mm in ground)  
~ Pressure treated 150mm x 25mm boards for horizontal cladding to sides as per visual with
    100mm gaps between each board. Total 36 boards @ 1260mm long (9 boards per aperture). Includes
    boards and posts to cover rear of garage (to the right of the door).    
Water Feature/Pond    
Construct bespoke wildlife pond as per design. To comprise:    
~ Excavate pond to depth of 600mm at deepest point, with marginal shelving at 150mm deep on one
   edge and gradual slope to ground level on one edge    
~ Install pond liner and underlay     
~ Edge two sides with railway sleeper (sloped side to be finished with gravel and scottish pebble dressing)
~ Construct railway sleeper ‘wall’ to rear of pond    
~ Install 2 x copper tube (22mm) spouts in face of railway sleeper wall  
~ Install pond pump    
~ Install marginal and aquatic plants to marginal shelving and sloped edge  
~ Dress marginal shelving with scottish pebbles    
All electrical installation materials*, to include armoured cabling, weatherproof switch, etc  
Electrical installation by qualified electrician**    
Labour to manually install    

Install plants to all beds as per planting list in supplied design presentation. To include:  
~ 6 x Stepover Pear ‘Concorde’    
~ 1 x Malus domestica ‘Falstaff’ tree     
~ Decorative bark chips to mulch planting beds (at depth of approximately 50mm)  
~ Labour to prepare beds and install plants     
To comprise:    
~ Level and prepare ground    
~ Install Grade A quality turf to cover approximately 30 sq metres  
Alcea rosea (Hollyhock)
Alchemilla mollis (Lady’s mantle)
Butomus umbellatus (Flowering rush)
Calla palustris (Water arum)
Centranthus ruber ‘Albus’ (Red valerian ‘Albus’)  
Cornus alternifolia ‘Argentea’ (Pagoda dogwood ‘Argentea’)
Delphinium ‘Starlight’ (Delphinium ‘Starlight’)
Erigeron ‘Profusion’ (Midsummer daisy ‘Profusion’)
Geranium himalayense ‘Gravetye’ (Geranium ‘Gravetye’)
Lagarosiphon major (Curly waterweed)
Lavandula angustifolia ‘Hidcote Blue’ (Lavender ‘Hidcote Blue’)
Laurus nobilis (Bay tree)
Lavatera x clementii ‘Mary Hope’ (Tree mallow ‘Mary Hope’)
Malus domestica ‘Red Falstaff’ (Apple ‘Red Falstaff’)
Malus domestica ‘Red Falstaff’ (Apple ‘Red Falstaff’) Espalier
Nymphaea ‘White Sultan’ (Waterlily ‘White Sultan’)
Persicaria bistorta ‘Superba’ (Knotweed ‘Superba’)
Pyrus communis ‘Concorde’ (Pear ‘Concorde’) Stepover
Rosa ‘Ballerina’ (Rose ‘Ballerina’)
Rosa ‘Crimson Cascade’ (Climbing rose ‘Crimson Cascade’)
Rosa ‘Iceberg’ (Rosa ‘Iceberg’)
Rubus idaeus ‘Joan J’ (Raspberry ‘Joan J’)
Sempervivum ‘Commander Hay’ (Houseleek ‘Commander Hay’)
Sempervivum ‘Snowberger’ (Houseleek ‘Snowberger’)
Stachys byzantina (Lambs ears)
Trachelospermum jasminoides (Confederate jasmine)