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We were recently commissioned to design and build a garden in Hackney. This garden already features a stunning garden office from Ecospace. We have used or contacted many contemporary garden office companies for previous clients garden design and builds. A couple of years ago we built and project managed the installation of a garden office in a garden we designed and built in Maida Vale, West London as the client frequently worked from home and did not want to compromise their second bedroom for the sake of an office space. Most of the garden buildings of this nature that we have suggested to clients have been very sympathetic and blended in with their environment. One of our gardens in Wanstead had one and the client stated how much he valued having this luxurious workspace, as not only did he not have to commute but he also found the tranquility of his garden conducive to a productive days work.

We particularly like the buildings from Ecospace, as they are not only highly attractive but also very versatile with several different sizes, shapes and configurations. They recommend that their products can be put to a variety of uses in a domestic back garden situation, including office, gym, studio or guest room – basically an extention of your house when space is required. Some of the models in their garden studios range are flexible enough to be dual purpose with a mezzanine floor above the main space, allowing for a double bed. They can be fitted with full plumbing so you can include the kitchen sink!

They take only 7 days to install and in many cases can be exempt from planning permission (although it is worthwhile checking with your local authority.) The workpod shows an efficient use of budget and is a contemporary practical solution for anyone working from home that wants an affordable secluded workspace away from the daily bustle of their house. We really like the flexibility of the Ecospace products. As architects they are able to manufacture and build the best and most practical solution to almost every lifestyle. As they themselves claim on thier website:

“An office, a studio, a gym, an extension of your home – an Ecospace™ building is whatever you want it to be. Made from sustainable cedar wood with an optional plant covered roof, low-energy heating, lighting and insulation, it’s right at home with the environment as well as your garden. Use it as your office and the garden commute will do wonders for your carbon footprint too.”

family garden design
family garden design