A Modern Garden Presentation

How to add colour and depth

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This client recently bought their property in Leigh-on-Sea and was looking for an modern garden designer who could help them make the most of their garden. The garden is neat and tidy but offers little interest to this growing family.

The client would like to brighten the garden up and incorporate the existing decommissioned koi pond into the design. They wish to include a second patio to the rear of the garden to catch the afternoon sun and make provision for both children. There is an intent to extend the property in a few years so the existing patio next to the house should remain as is.


The existing patio will remain. The design would accommodate an outdoor blackboard or a vertical garden as and when the client’s budget allows. The existing raised brick pond will be extended, rendered and painted, with a decked top added to make a large daybed with a rendered raised bed behind.

Behind this seating area will be a timber screen with alcoves, some including Perspex panels to add colour to the space, which will divide the garden and provide perspective to area beyond. Two large cube planters containing bamboo will flank either side of the entrance to the rest of the garden.

The main section of the garden will contain a large artificial lawn with flowerbeds running down either side.

A new patio will be constructed in front of the existing brick shed structure with an archway leading to the bottom of the garden constructed from treated softwood timber which could accommodate a swing or other hanging play equipment.

To the left of the existing brick building will be a raised bed constructed from new railway sleepers which could be used to grow vegetables. Planting in the space will feature long flowering perennials interspersed with evergreen shrubs. Climbers will be encouraged to cover the fences, and the client can add additional coloured pots and annuals as they desire.

family garden design
family garden design