Tipi or not Tipi

Grow a Friendly Space

Some sort of garden den is a must-have for most child-friendly garden designs. However, rather than opting for the usual wendy house, is always nice to think ‘outside the box’ when it comes to choosing the best structure for you.

Tipis are an ancient form of dwelling from North America and in modern times have become a familiar sight at music and art festivals, where they have been used both for camping and as a venue for a variety of alternative therapies.

More recently they have become increasingly popular as an item of garden furniture and there are a growing number of companies offering them for sale, including Wolf Glen Tipis. http://www.wolfglentipis.co.uk/buy-a-tipi.html

The lovely thing about tipis is their versatility. They are fun, useable by adults and children alike and can become an eye-catching centrepoint of any garden design.

If space and budget allows I would always suggest getting a large one as they are more comfortable for adults to congregate with the kids and allow outdoor play even when it is raining. They are also great for sleepovers.

Although it is advisable to remove the skin if not in use during the the winter months, the structure can stay erect all through the summer and a well made weatherproof tipi can be used all year round if required.

Larger tipis make an unusual dining or entertaining space for summer gatherings, barbeques or parties, and are designed to accommodate a small fire while remaining relatively smoke free.

With a variety of sizes to choose from, you will be supplied with all you need to erect your tipi. The only thing you will need to consider is if you would like the outside of the canvas decorated with a handpainted personalised design (you can select something from the gallery on their web-site, or work with their artist to create your very own design.)

As soon as I move somewhere with a big enough garden I am putting my name down for one of these!

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family garden design
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