Diary of an Essex and London Garden Designer – Week 42

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Essex Garden Design Diary WOTB wk42 2015

This week Katrina has been busy working on the contemporary East London garden design. The client has recently bought a property and is including the garden layout and design along with the overall scheme of the house. The design is very modern, but with a few whimsical twists to personalise the space. Katrina is due to present to him in a couple of weeks.

Katrina also designed garden design in East London, for a couple who are looking to make the space more family friendly. She went to visit the property last week and produced a CAD drawing for Matt to quote from.

Matt and his build team have been making headway with the Thorpe Bay garden. The blade water feature was levelled out and all the wood posts are now up. The fireplace has been tiled also. Plants have arrived now and these will be laid out ready for planting.

Initial layout drawings have been done for the landscape garden design in East London. The client contacted Katrina and asked to come and look at his garden in Woodford. He is completely renovating his family home and wants to include the garden design and build in the renovations. Katrina did him a Pinterest board and a preliminary layout for him to consider. https://www.pinterest.com/earthdesigns/mr-singh/

Matt had confirmation this week to proceed with two garden design builds. The first is for North London which was presented two weeks ago. The second is the modern Japanese garden in North London. We are just preparing contracts and invoices this week.

And social media presence is increasing rapidly. We are posting several images to all of our feeds which include Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as Linked In.