Front Garden Design in Loughton

Grow a Friendly Space


These clients have lived at the property for a couple of years and are now turning their attention to the front garden. They have requested a space to store two wheelie bins and a recycling tub. The existing acer and bay tree if possible. Adding something a bit unique to the space appeals.


The garden boundary fences will remain as existing. To the left of the gate will be a bespoke bin storage unit large enough to accommodate 2 wheelie bins and recycling boxes. The unit will be constructed from Red Grandis hardwood timber on a concrete base, with a green roof planted with spreading sedum. A path constructed from contemporary cream porcelain paving will lead from the gate to the front door.

A slightly sunken paved area will be constructed adjoining the bay window, large enough to accommodate a chair. Retained by rendered concrete blocks capped with sandstone coping stones, the flooring will feature colourful patterned encaustic cement tiles to add a splash of personality to the space.

Planting in the space will feature a primarily green colour palette with splashes of white flowers, chosen for texture and foliage to provide year round interest. The existing Acer will be replanted to create a focal point, both from the street and the front lounge, and the existing bay tree and rosemary will remain, with additional herbs planted by the front door.

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