James contacted Earth Designs at the start of this year regarding a garden plan he had commissioned from one of our competitors, London based company ‘The Garden Designers’, in 2009.

After some discussion with James, Matt then wrote a detailed Scope of Works with some costs (removed from the Blog for reasons of confidentiality) and presented these costs to the client. The job was agreed, contracts signed and deposits paid this week – watch this space for details of the build over the coming few weeks.

Clearance and preparation

To comprise:    
~ Clear and remove off-site all existing hard and soft landscaping    
~ Excavate trenches for walls as per plan. Approx 450mm (w) x 350mm (d)  
~ Excavate area for paving to approximate depth of 200mm    
~ Excavate holes for pergola posts, approx 300mm x 300mm x 500mm    
~ 2 x skip hire including licence as necessary    


PLEASE NOTE (1): Skip hire and quoted clearance costs are dependent on there being a suitable and legal space to place the skip outside or close to the 
site. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that provision for placing a skip has been made, or to inform Earth Designs prior to contracting the work if such provision is not possible.
PLEASE NOTE (2): All quoted costs in this document are ‘site unseen’ and are based on the assumption that there is reasonable access (through the house) to the garden. If access to the garden with tools and materials proves to be difficult, then additional labour costs may apply.


Install paving as per design. To comprise:    
~ Install MOT type 1 granular sub-base to 100mm compacted thickness    
~ Install 5 x brick slot drainage channels and sump to paving    
~ Install Indian Sandstone paving (560mm x 560mm) in formal grid pattern to cover approx 40 sq. metres. Paving to be laid on full sharp sand mortar bed.
   Paving to be laid with 1:80 drainage fall to pre-installed brick slot drainage channels.  
~ Point paving throughout    
All materials for above    


To comprise:    
~ Install concrete foundations for walls     
~ Construct concrete block walls 225mm wide. Heights and lengths as per supplied design.  
~ Render visible faces of walls – 2 coats (including 200mm of rear of walls to allow for soil sinkage over time). Render bead to be used to provide clean, 
   chip free lines.     
~ Paint walls with exterior masonry paint – 2 coats (client to choose colour)  
~ Line beds with waterproof membrane    
~ Backfill beds with soil. Top 300mm to be filled with imported topsoil.    
All materials for above    


Construct timber pergola approx 2500mm high. To comprise:    
~ Concrete for foundations    
~ Treated 150mm x 75mm timber to construct    
~ Fixings to construct    
~ Dark woodstain to treat    
All materials and labour for above    

Plants and planting


To comprise:    
All plants as per supplied planting list    
Cobbles to mulch planting beds    
Soil conditioner    
Labour to install plants    


Supply and install lights as per supplied lighting plan. To comprise:    
~ 4 x 240v Hunza powder coated pagoda lights (client to choose colour)    
~ 9 x 12v Collingwood spike spotlights for beds (black finish)    
All necessary connectors, lamps (bulbs) and transformers for fittings    
All electrical installation materials*, to include RCD, armoured cabling, weatherproof switches**, etc  
Electrical installation by qualified electrician***    
Labour to manually install fittings    
* All electrical materials to be suitable for exterior use and rated to at least IP65 where appropriate  
** The lights will be run on one circuit controlled by a single switch. The exact style and location of the switch may be dependent on the safety and suitability recommendations of the electrician.
*** A copy of the appropriate NICEIC Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate will be given to the client on completion of the work
PLEASE NOTE (1): Wherever possible, all cabling and junction boxes will be hidden. However, due to wiring regulations and the nature of some of 
the materials used, in some cases this may not be possible and some cables, boxes, etc may be visible. These will be made as inconspicuous and 
sympathetic with the style and finish of the garden as possible.     
PLEASE NOTE (2): The above specifications and quoted price for the work is provisional and dependent on the electricians assessment of the site and
the suitablilty of the existing interior electrical installation (for example the main consumer unit must be must be properly earthed before installation can take place). If it becomes apparent during installation that the existing electrical installation is unsafe/unsuitable for purpose then
  Earth Designs will be unable to complete the exterior installation (i.e. Earth Designs will be unable to connect the installation to the mains power or
issue a certificate) until the client has undertaken the necessary remedial work.

Hot tub

Construct enclosure for hot tub and assist in installation. To comprise:    
~ Excavate area to depth of approx 300mm    
~ Install MOT Type 1 granular sub base at 80mm compacted thickness    
~ Install 200mm re-enforced concrete foundation     
~ Construct concrete block walls for hot tub enclosure at approx 650mm high, including concrete lintels all round. Exact specifications of hot tub 
   enclosure to be advised in writing by hot tub supplier/installers. Please note that Earth Designs can take no responsibility for incorrectly supplied 
   specifications for the hot tub enclosure. Any necessary remedial work to the hot tub enclosure once constructed that is necessary due to incorrectly 
   supplied specifications will be chargeable. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the correct specifications are provided for the model of hot tub 
~ Render all exposed faces with 2 coats cement render. Render bead to be used to provide clean, chip free lines.  
~ Construct 2 x timber maintenance panels from treated timber, horizontal slatted design. Approx size: 2160 x 495mm, slatts 50x25mm, 10mm gap.
~ Install drainage outlet for the hot tub enclosure, to be position in one of the corners.  
~ Provide electric cabling for hot tub. PLEASE NOTE: This is for installation of armoured cable only – does not include connection of hot tub or connection
   to mains power.    
~ Provide water supply to hot tub, including pipework and plumber’s labour. PLEASE NOTE: Costs in this area are provisional until the site is inspected 
  by the plumber undertaking the installation    
All materials for above    
Disposal of excavated waste (skip)    
Labour, including labour to assist in transportation of hot tub through house.   
Please note: Quoted cost does not include the supply and installation of the hot tub unit. Supply and installation of hot tub to be undertaken by 
Teuco Ltd and all responsibility for the correct installation of the hot tub unit remains with Teuco Ltd. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the
 hot tube will fit through the house.