Thinking outside the glass box

Grow a Friendly Space

Glassbox create a modern alternative to the traditional conservatory. Large glass sides and fully opening concertina doors mean that the outside and inside merge into one space, allowing you to enjoy the summer from the comfort of your house. Even better – the structures can be free standing and do not need to be attached to your house, giving you a completely separate living area if required. As with other garden buildings we have featured in the Garden Shed, Glassbox structures are versatile and can be put to a variety of uses. The clean, minimalist interior allows you to add your own personal touch and the bespoke structures can be tailored to fit your individual requirements.

We think that the Glassbox is a cost effective solution if you want to make a highly contemporary statement on your property. It will also add value. Unlike other garden buildings and structures we have featured in The Garden Shed, Glassbox products do need planning permission. However, the folks at Glassbox will sort out all legalities for you as part of the cost of the building.

To quote Glassbox themselves:

“Whether you’re planning to create additional ground floor living space, add a two storey extension to your home or create a tranquil garden room, glassbox is the original, contemporary sustainable solution. Glassbox truly raises the bar for bespoke home extensions with a design that suits any property- period or modern, large or bijou.

The beauty of a glassbox is in its simplicity with the basic elements being tailored to each project to create a truly unique design. There are no restrictions on size and no restrictions on function; it’s a blank canvas waiting to be tailored to your home. Rooflights, lighting schemes, colours, door styles, balconies, multiple levels, side-returns and free-standing options, if you can think it we can usually accommodate it. We provide each client with a CGI photo-real image of each project so you can see exactly how your contemporary glassbox extension will look like before you buy.

With prices starting at £24,500 inclusive of all legalities, groundworks, plastering and electrics, glassbox is a stylish and modern addition to any home.”

family garden design
family garden design