Furnishing an Idea

Grow a Friendly Space

Something as simple as a piece of vintage furnishing fabric can provide the shapes and Garden Design Ideas colours to inspire an original garden design. The curved lines, overlapping blobs and primary colours of this iconic 1950s fabric from Germany give our garden design concept sketch a fluid, organic feel peppered with eye-catching colours.

Two kidney shaped Yellow Balau decks provide space for a small table and chairs at either end of a freeform lawn. A stepping stone path comprising a series of colourful Corian discs set into the lawn allow passage from one end of the garden to the other. At one end of the lawn, bespoke curved wooden tree seats installed around specimen standard trees give the garden ample informal seating for quiet conversation or contemplation. A thin, serpentine line of black granite setts winds through the space, helping to unify the design.

Bold, colourful planting around the edges lend the garden a dynamic air, accentuating the curvy, fluid nature of the design and creating an enclosed, intimate outdoor space.