Inspirations at all Tea

Grow a Friendly Space

Inspiration for this garden design concept sketch is taken from an elegant, highly stylised silver Art Deco tea service created by London silversmith HG Murphy. The sophisticated geometry and prominent circles of the set give rise to a garden design that is at once simple, graceful and bold.

Two large circular patios  provide space for seating. The first is laid with black slate tiles and edged with silver granite setts around one half and tight, low level planting around the other half. A bespoke metal archway, comprising a series of concentric stainless steel circles covered with stainless steel mesh, bisects the circle and leads to a wedge-shaped decking path constructed from hardwood timber. This path cuts into the second paved circle in the centre of the space. The second paved circle itself features a surface of stainless steel tiles inlaid with several rings of black tiles and a black slate tile edge to finish. A second wedge shaped deck pathway continues to the left hand corner of the garden. A long curved decorative length of thick hardwood timber, pre-bent and stabilised to order, will curve through the garden to echo the wooden handle of the Art Deco tea service.

Simple planting comprising stipa gigantica and lavender create a stylish backdrop to the construction and further emphasises the structured layout of the design.