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Clean lines, simplicity, neutral colours and an iconic sunburst motif characteristic of the Art Deco style come together in this 1940s Bakelite radio by British manufacturer Pye to beget an elegant, functional object which draws the eye.

Our Garden Design Inspirations concept sketch for this London garden design makes the most of the main design elements of the radio – simplicity and the starburst motif – to create a sleek, ordered and chic garden.

The bottom left corner of the garden contains a raised circular terrace surfaced with ‘wavey paving’ concrete slabs. Radiating from this terrace through a semi-circular lawn will be variously: a tapered granite sett path leading to a bespoke ‘starburst’ themed timber pergola, a tapered sunken rill water feature and two tapered planting beds containing herbaceous hedging. An arced rendered block wall curves around part of the edge of the lawn, tapering downwards from around 1 metre high to almost nothing where it meets the end of the granite sett path.

London Garden Design Inspirations: concept drawing inspired by Pye's Bakelite Radio

London Garden Design Inspirations: concept drawing inspired by Pye’s Bakelite Radio

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