London Garden Design Diary – Week 6

Grow a Friendly Space

Katrina has finished the garden design for Leytonstone and went to present that this week. Feedback was good. The cleitns are working on theior interior over the Spring, with work commenecing in the next few weeks, and will look to complete the garden in the autumn once the interior project is completed.

Snow has really slowed things down across all sites this week, with Matt being unable to get anything much done as dry weather is required for painting and staining. He has taken advantage of this to write some Blog postings and get on top of his paperwork.

Studio g has published the last episode of our Harrow garden on their blog, it has been recieved well and they are keen to publish another garden as well as start to feature our What’s on the Board article. Comments of the Concept to completion story have included ‘Enjoying Katrinas posts. Her website is so lively and well designed, showcasing the work. So talented!’. If you like garden design blogs and have the time, do stop by to have a read of the Studio g, it’s one of the best garden design blogs out there at the moment.

We have also featured on Home and Landscape design fix. They have published our garden in Kent which we completed last year and some lovely comments have been left including ‘What a beautiful space to spend time in!’. They too have asked for another garden to publish and are keen to build a blogger relationship with us.

Work on Romania continues. As they are under a metre of snow they are happy for us to proceed with the measuremetns we have and draw up from there. We are not required to produce a scope of works, or quantities, so product placement in the space with unclear dimension, while dicey, should be OK.

Matt has completed a standard scope of works landscapers and garden designers to use. One of the hardest thing for most garden designers is providing clients with a scope of work and a budget, so Matt has worked hard with a garden designer in Manchester to try and refine and simplfy this process in order that she can use a standard documents adapted for each project. If you are interested in this document, please feel free to contact Matt for more information.