Garden designer in Hawkwell, Essex – ‘Modern Family Garden please’!

garden design

The Brief

Our clients, Jon and Karen, were looking for a garden designer in Hawkwell, Essex. They have lived at the property for over 10 years. Whilst they have done some minor landscaping with the addition of decking in the last few years, they feel that the space has more potential. They called Earth Designs as they felt no-one locally to them could deliver the sort of look they are after. They require the space to be multi functional with an adult area and somewhere for their son to have some fun. Whilst they don’t want the garden to be ‘kiddie-centric’ they do want Jazz, their son, to be able to engage with the garden. To this end they would like a ‘grow-your-own’ area. They currently have a out building in the garden which they use infrequently as a bar area. This also houses a running machine. Whilst they are keen to retain the option of having an indoor bar, the size of structure does not justify the amount of garden wasted, so we need to find an alternative solution. They prefer calm colours and plan to spend a lot of time in the garden.