Garden Designer in Chelmsford

garden design

This client was looking for a garden designer in Chelmsford. They have a large suburban garden and wanted to utilise the space as much as possible. They were keen gardeners and had recently included a greenhouse towards the back left of the space. They also wanted to make sure the bottom of the garden was to be utilised thereby we included a fruited espalier tree to run along the back. It would also benefit from including a table and chairs in the back right hand of the corner. Two dramatic large ellipses of lawn would dominate the space.

The one at the back was to be bounded by raised beds in blocks and painted white. A walkway which will be covered with A142 mesh, will be made into a tunnel at the centre running through the garden. A seconds panel allows you to travel to the lawn near the house. The first ellipse of lawn will incorporate the existing Magnolia tree. A142 mesh screening helps extend the garden and add heights inside the beds. The first ellipse of sandstone paving, incorporates a fixed bench seat and an oval table. This area was slightly lower than the rest of the garden so a step up to the lawn was required with a wall running around the inside helping it feel a sunken garden. The patio would run in a straight line, parallel to the house to ensure the exits across the back of the house will meet.