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At Earth Designs we believe the appearance of the front of your property is just as crucial as the back, first impressions count. If your home is of the Victorian era then how about sprucing it up your front garden with a beautifully geometric, tiled pathway.

The Classic Victorian Tiling Company specialise in clay tiles for external as well as internal installation. If you already have a Victorian tiled hallway then why not continue it outside to increase the impact? Available in a range of colours, sizes and design layouts, they can fit a design to any shape floor or walkway. If you have an existing tiled pathway they also provide a restoration service to return it to it’s former glory.

Installation of the paths is onto a substantial concrete foundation meaning your pathway will have great longevity, mainting its appearance for a good time to come.

Renovated Victorian Tiled Pathway

Renovated Victorian Tiled PathwayThe Victorian Tiling Company describe their products as such:

“The geometric shaped tiles alone can be used to great effect in creating dramatic flooring patterns. Ones own imagination is the only restriction.

The Victorian era was the most prolific age for the creation of new house construction techniques and the golden age for the decorative tile. Thankfully people are once again realizing the beauty, durability and style of these historic floors whether they be original or reproduction.”

family garden design
family garden design