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We have recently discovered this great product from a company calling themselves Archipod…

As is often the case, space is at a premium in urban gardens. Therefore every feature, structure, plant, or utility item that you include in your garden design in London and other cities has to work hard to earn its right to occupy precious square meterage. Get one of these componants wrong and it can dominate the aesthetic of the garden and overshadow other, possibly nicer, elements. Garden buildings are particularly guilty of this, as by their nature they are big and bulky. If you can achieve something as aesthetically exciting as it is practical then in our book you have ticked a big box. The clever designers at Archipod have excelled themseves on this front, producing quirky and dynamic outdoor rooms that look like they would be just as at home at the bottom of the ocean or deep in outer space. Not only do the pods give you a sculptural focus to your garden they also provide a high quality, fully servicable workroom. Ideal for a small space, each pod measures 2.9 metres in diameter and is 2.5 metres high to the top of the dome, so it will not require planning permission in most cases (do check with your local council to be sure though.)

Constructed from western red cedar shingles with a glazed dome roof, it makes maximum use of natural light. The pods are principally designed and fitted for office use and include an ergonomically designed semi-circular desk, as well as optional drawer units. To allow night time working and the use of electrical office equipment, the pods are fitted with built-in adjustable spotlights, power sockets, an electric heater and a smoke alarm. The pods simply need connecting to the power and telephone supply by a qualified electrician.

Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

“At Archipod (pronounced ‘ark-ee-pod’, as in ‘architecture’) our aim was to create garden office buildings specifically designed to complement a garden landscape, be efficient, ergonomic, and unusual: Our initial design is ‘The Pod’ – an insulated sphere of approx. 3m diameter. The ‘Pod’ is constructed predominantly from timber, the world’s most replenishable construction material, and is insulated to a standard exceeding that of current Building Regulations. The structure is prefabricated in sections that are sized to allow all the parts to be carried through a house, so it doesn’t matter where you live, we will be able to get the ‘Pod’ into your back garden.”

family garden design
family garden design