A unique garden design was needed for this urban garden in Kennington, South London. This small walled garden has sound, attractive Yorkstone paving throughout. However, due to a lack of planting the space has a school yard/car park feel to it. There is another property bordering the rear of the garden and a dry cleaners to the right of the space. Although the garden is east facing it does get quite a lot of sun and is warm all the time due to the heat generated by the neighbouring dry cleaners. As it is a basement flat with turns and steps the site has difficult access. It is also located on a main ‘red route’ into central London.

The clients have eclectic taste, ranging from modern to ethnic to retro, and are comfortable with juxtaposing different styles in the garden to create interest and individuality. They like colour and intend to use the space for entertaining. Items to be retained in the garden include a wooden ‘daybed’ and a glass fronted shed which they use for bike storage. This shed can be viewed from above out of the bathroom window and the client would like to do something to disguise its unsightly felt roof. They also have 2 cats.

The overall layout of this small urban space will not change in the re-design. The existing paving will be cleaned and slabs removed from around the edge of the upper level to accommodate flush planting beds. The roof of the existing shed will be covered with luxury artificial turf to improve its appearance and add a dash of colour to the space, and the shed will be moved to face into the main section of the garden. A large box pergola will be constructed in the centre of the space from green oak timber, from which will hang a series of silver aluminium chain link curtains to form a fluid decorative ‘wall’. The client’s existing table and chairs will be placed inside this structure to create a unusual and intimate area for alfresco dining.

The existing wooden daybed will be moved to the rear left of the space and a bespoke water feature constructed against the rear wall. This feature will be based on a traditional fireplace, to give this section of the garden a ‘living room’ ambiance. Constructed from chunky sections of green oak timber, the feature will comprise a stainless steel water blade mounted on the fireplace ‘mantle’ from which water will cascade into a cobble dressed reservoir in the flower bed below. The alcove above the mantle will feature a section of powder-coated stainless steel outdoor wallpaper on a Perspex backdrop. Taking pride of place above this will be a life-sized moose head light, formed from polyresin and lit from within to create an eye-catching talking point.

The right hand boundary wall will be adorned with a series of bespoke trellis screens of various dimensions. Fashioned from stainless steel mesh mounted on green oak ‘noggins’ to raise the screens away from the wall, the screens will provide a unique frame upon which climbing plants can be trained.

Latin Common
Pachysandra terminalis Japanese spurge
Luzula nivea snowy woodrush
Alchemilla mollis lady’s mantle
Buxus sempervirens common box – ball
Phormium ‘Platt’s Black’ New Zealand flax
Hedera helix ‘Goldchild’ common ivy
Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris climbing hydrangea
Trachelospermum jasminoides star jasmine
Clematis ‘Kermesina’ clematis (group 3)
Lonicera × brownii ‘Dropmore Scarlet’ scarlet trumpet honeysuckle
Lonicera henryi honeysuckle
Rosa ‘Souvenir du Docteur Jamain’ rose Souvenir du Docteur Jamain (climbing)
Clematis armandii clematis (group 1)
Akebia quinata chocolate vine
Jasminum nudiflorum winter jasmine
Clearance and preparation    
To comprise:    
~ Remove existing paving as necessary to accomodate new flush beds    
~ Remove general waste    
~ Relocate existing shed (shed to be emptied by client prior to work commencing  
~ Install 2-tone luxury artificial lawn to shed roof*    
~ Clean existing paving (pressure wash)    
~ Waste disposal    
~ Labour    
* Please note that artificial lawn is supplied from a 4 meter wide roll. Therefore, to cover the required dimensions without joins, there will
be some wastage.    
Construct timber pergola as per design/visual. To comprise:    
~ Green Oak timber (100mm x 100mm) planed all round for posts and beams    
~ Concrete for post foundations (minimum 500mm depth)    
~ Exterior timber screws to fix    
~ 7 x silver aluminium chainlink curtains to hang from overhead beams (2200mm drop) – 4 @ 1300mm wide, 3 @ 1000mm wide 
~ Labour    
Water feature    
Construct bespoke water feature as per design. To comprise:    
~ Construct ‘fireplace’ structure from chunky green oak timber (150mm x 150mm)  
~ Install 300mm stainless steel water blade    
~ Install pebble pool in ground below and dress with cobble mulch    
~ Install opaque coloured perspex sheet fill to rear of ‘fireplace’    
~ Install powder coated stainless steel Damask outdoor ‘wallpaper’ over perspex fill  
~ Electrical installation for water feature pump by qualified electrician*    
~ All electrical materials for pump installation*    
~ All materials for above    
~ Labour    
* Please see lighting section for electrical installation specifications and notes    
Install plants to all beds as per supplied planting scheme. To include:    
~ All plants    
~ Bark chips to mulch planting beds (at depth of approximately 50mm)    
~ Tall tapered planters (1000mm h x 450mm x 450mm) – client to choose colour    
~ Labour to prepare beds and install plants     
Various lighting and electrical installation. To comprise:    
~ 2 x stainless steel adjustable spotlights for far corners of pergola     
~ 1 x waterproof LED strip light to install inside water blade    
~ LED strip lighting to install above chain curtains on pergola overhead beams (8.2 lineal metres)  
~ 1 x ‘Moo’ weatherproof moulded polyresin moose head light (life size)    
All necessary connectors, lamps (bulbs) and transformers for fittings    
All electrical installation materials*, to include RCD, armoured cabling, weatherproof switch**, etc  
Electrical installation by qualified electrician***    
Labour to manually install fittings    
* All electrical materials to be suitable for exterior use and rated to at least IP65 where appropriate  
** Lighting to run on one single circuit,  i.e. controlled by a single switch (all lights come on together). The exact location of the switch will be  
   determined on site and may be dependent on the recommendations of the electrician  
*** A copy of the appropriate NICEIC Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate will be given to the client on completion of the work
PLEASE NOTE (1): Wherever possible, all cabling and junction boxes will be hidden. However, due to wiring regulations and the nature 
of some of the materials used, in some cases this may not be possible and some cables, boxes, etc may be visible. These will be made 
as inconspicuous and sympathetic with the style and finish of the garden as possible.   
PLEASE NOTE (2): The above specifications and quoted price for the work is dependent on the existing interior electrical installation 
being safe and suitable for the addition of further wiring/fittings (for example the main consumer unit must be must be properly earthed). If it 
becomes apparent during installation that the existing electrical installation is unsafe/unsuitable for purpose then Earth Designs may be 
unable to complete the exterior installation (i.e. Earth Designs may be unable to connect the installation to the mains power or issue a 
certificate) until the client has undertaken the necessary remedial work. The cost of any necessary remedial works is not included in the 
quoted price above. It remains the responsibility of the client to organise and contract any necessary remedial work, although Earth 
Designs may administrate/organise this for the client at additional cost on request.  
Wall screens    
Install stainless steel mesh screens to side wall as per design. To comprise:
~ 13mm stainless steel mesh    
~ Green oak ‘noggins’ to support mesh    
~ Fixings    
~ Labour    
Irrigation system    
Install irrigation system to planting beds and planters. To comprise:    
~ Irrigation system, including supply pipe, connectors, micro drippers and tubing    
~ Automatic timer to regulate supply (battery operated)    
~ Labour to install