Grow a Friendly Space


The clients want to add more personality to the garden, however they both like different styles and would like to use the garden for different purposes.

The design should make provision for growing fruit and veg and space for a greenhouse would be welcome.

An area for entertaining including a bar is also required.

The garden would benefit from better privacy screening along the left-hand boundary.


The raised platform outside the back door will be laid with wood effect porcelain planks, and a decking bench with storage beneath will be constructed along the existing raised bed. A timber pergola with scaffold pole cross beams will provide shade and privacy to the area. The existing bin storage area will be converted into a bar and barbeque/kitchen space. This area will also benefit from a timber and scaffold pole pergola with porcelain tiled patio beneath.

A stepping-stone path will lead from the bar area down the right-hand side of the garden, laid with slabs taken from the existing patio and pathway. Three timber arches constructed at intervals over the path will add height and a sense of journey to the space. A large lawn will fill the left hand side of the lower garden, with three large railway sleeper raised beds installed along the rendered wall. Long, galvanised steel, cattle troughs will provide ample space for vegetable growing. A greenhouse positioned on the left boundary to the rear of the lawn will allow extra provision for grow-your-own gardening.

Three standard blossom trees installed along the left-hand boundary will provide some privacy from the houses beyond.

The patio to the rear will be retained and will be enclosed by another pergola. Additional interest will be created with the inclusion of a Corten rusted steel water bowl installed in a planting bed to the front of the patio.

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