Natural Paving versus Concrete Effect Stone

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Natural Paving

Always, always, always use Natural Paving instead of artificial stone wherever possible.

In any garden landscape, concrete paving might provide the most affordable solution but if you are having a patio installed by a professional landscaper, the installation process is usually the same (depending on the stone) and therefore the labour costs will be identical. Natural stone far outweighs concrete reproduction staying in its appearance and longevity. There is a variety of natural stones on the market, anything from Indian sandstone to slate, travertine to granite, and in a wide variety Of colours and finishes.

It is important to consider what the surface will be used for. Anything that has high traffic will need to be the right type of material. Natural stone that is thin, will not suffice for a driveway for example. You also need to consider the thickness with regard to frost and make sure that the installation is appropriate for the purpose.

Natural stone is also more likely to hold its integrity over the years. Artificial stone may lose its colour and certain settings, whereas natural stone the pigment should remain.

It might be prudent in certain applications to consider sealant on natural stone to prevent sap, berries, or other garden debris causing the patio to stain or mark.