Cool garden products: ‘An Alice in Wonderland of Possibilities…’

garden design

In honour of Alice in Wonderland and all things fantasy, I thought I would pop a few unusual cool garden products and ‘out there’ items on the shed shelves over the next few weeks. The film itself is packed full of sumptuous imagery, from the gardens of the National Trust property where parts of it were filmed, to the incredible fantasy panorama of wonderland. The landscapes are fabulously varied, from giant multicoloured mushroom forests to the flat plains where the Mad Hatter’s resides in his windmill house. And of course as usual Johnny Depp is to die for, even with crazy orange hair, weird red cat’s eyes, and a manic demeanour…

I just love these multi-coloured quirky garden chairs – you could see the Queen of Hearts sat on one of these. They are sure to add a dose of ‘wacky’ to any landscape and would look fabulous in a woodland clearing or set round a grand wooden table on a lawn or patio. This is the ultimate in bringing the inside out and I will definitely be committing these to memory.

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