New to the Shed: Fantasy garden planting

garden design

Carrying on with the Wonderland theme – this week we, in an unusual nod towards plants for a change, look at plants for that all important Fantasy Garden. Having now seen the film twice (had to go back again for the 3d experience)  I am now searching for where I sign up to design these Fantasy Film gardens. I started to try and work out what the flowers were and where the film set designer drew inspirations from.

I think it would have been very easy to go for some of the more obscure alien looking flowers such as orchids, bromelaids, venus fly traps and of course the infamous amorphophallus-stinking plant!

What I liked is that they looked like regular garden flowers, allowing the film to breath colour and beauty into certain scenes and then driving home the brutal and stark landscapes, the backdrop of others. Did you spot anything in the gardens and scenery in the film I may have missed?