Garden mini-houses – ‘It’s amazing what you can stumble(weed) across…’

garden design

Stumbled across the tumbleweed house this week. These are just so so cute. Can’t see me actually using one in a garden (although I would love one in my own), but as an exercise in great garden design on a small scale these fully functional garden mini-houses are second to none…

Each garden mini-house has one room of no less than 120 square feet and all homes have the option for a 1st floor bedroom. They are available in the USA in kit form to assemble yourself (or have the house built for you by the manufacturer), or you can purchase the plans and build it from scratch (this is available worldwide.) When Matt gets a spare 5 minutes, and I can find a small quiet corner we aren’t using, I might just get him started on one…I would definitely opt for the Tarleton (pictured below) at 117 sq feet – it seems to have everything I need – though I’m not sure where Matt and the dog are going to sleep!

Have a look for yourself and see what tickles your fancy at