Whilst fumbling my way through the internet this week I came across these super cool garden pods…


At just 2.1m x 2.1m they are just perfect for creating an additional room in a garden design. Often space is at a premium indoors meaning the garden space gets eaten up with extensions, conservatories, garden gyms, huge sheds, workshops or garages which are often very difficult to hide in a small garden. But when a garden office can be as cool as this, who would want to try? The OfficePod is sold not only as an exterior space, but also as a lifestyle change, minimising the impact on the environment in terms of commuting to the office as well as creating an environment conducive to working in. The brief was simple:

1. To create a self contained office that exceeds all standard office accommodation regulations & requirements.

2. To provide an environment that is conducive to productive work.

3. To create a product that staff would want, and even be proud to have, in their garden.

4. Have the minimum impact on the environment – both in manufacture and use.

The specification states ‘The OfficePOD provides the user with an efficient use of space with innovative storage and desktop solutions. High quality materials have been carefully chosen for their combination of visual, physical and environmental characteristics. Power is provided via a discrete and protected connection to the house or garage; IT and phone connectivity is generally wireless but can be similarly cabled. The POD is provided with a secure locking system of the highest quality. The environment has been a primary consideration in the choice of materials. Recycled and recyclable products have been used wherever possible and natural materials chosen above man-made. The POD satisfies the most stringent energy performance benchmarks with it’s low energy consumption level, high levels of insulation and innovative cooling system. We are committed to further improvements as advances in science and technology allow’

The OfficePod team work with the client to not only install the OfficePod but to commission all services as well, ensuring that you are up and running in the IT department in no time.

It’s a new product with a beautiful design, well crafted and ticking all the boxes – this is something to get excited about. Suitable for small gardens with difficult access, it ticks all the boxes here at Earth Designs – so I am off to find me a garden to ‘pod’ it in