Rotating Garden Orb: Seeing things from all angles

Grow a Friendly Space

We love this bespoke garden lounger from Ornate Garden. It’s unique design and compact dimensions mean that it will fit in even the smallest of spaces. Funky, stylish and fun, the rotating sphere lounger makes a visual statement, adding a ‘wow’ to any garden. It can be rotated by hand to follow the sun and to take in different aspects of your garden, with long tinted, UV filtering windows designed to let in lots of light without the glare. It comes complete with built-in seating and a round table for unusual alfresco dining. The table can be lowered and extra seat cushions added to create a bed/lounger, large enough to stretch out on, making outdoor sleeping on balmy summer nights a very real possibility. Constructed from stainless steel and pressure treated pine, it has an elegant simplicity and comes with a canopy set to create an awning across the open entrance. The weatherproof canopy can be zipped up to protect the interior when not in use.

The company also produces a small version and a deluxe rotating summer house with low slung, luxurious sofa-style seating to accommodate 10-12 people – perfect for parties and larger gatherings.

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