Earth Designs Diary: Week 8 2010

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Garden Design Top Tips #3:

Fence ideas

28 Feb 2010

Now is a good time to look at tarting up your tired boundaries before plants get too big and climbers spread themselves out.

So how’s this for a fence idea, personally I dislike most fence panels and would prefer to use some sort of willow or bamboo screening on a roll as a backdrop to the planting. It’s not as long lasting as fence panels, but attached to your existing fence it provides a good, low cost, ‘quick fix’ and creates a nice aesthetic for your space. It can also add height, and therefore privacy, to an existing boundary.

There are a wide variety of types, styles, heights and suppliers. This is the advice Primrose London give on installation:

Willow screening roll: Ideal for disguising existing fencing or walls.

See pictures for best way to attach willow screening.

Available in 4 metre (13ft) long rolls. with a choice of three heights: 1m (3ft 3in) and 1.5m (4ft 11in) and 2m.

Easily attached to existing fences or walls with galvanised wire, cable ties, screws or nails.

Willow cane cane is strong enough that it can be used to increase the height of an existing fence or wall. For example, if you had a 3ft wall or fence, you could firmly attach the 1.5m roll (4ft 11 inches high) to the existing fence to increase the overall height to 1.5m.

Each roll is made of individual vertical willow canes of varying thickness usually up to 15mm in diameter – see pictures. The vertical canes are tied together with horizontal galvanised wire.

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garden fence ideas

garden fence ideas

garden fence ideas

garden fence ideas