Tropical planting needed for garden design in Balham

garden design


 Our clients were looking for a garden design in Balham, South London. The clients have lived at the property for a few years. They are currently redecorating the interior and would like to achieve an exterior space to match. The space is enclosed on two sides by buildings, and so has high brick walls as its backdrop. As with most new build houses the soil is not of good quality and drainage has been a problem on occasion. Currently the garden is laid mostly to lawn, with a small concrete slab patio adjoining the house.

The wall bordering the left hand side of the garden has an air conditioning pipe at about two metres height halfway down the garden, which emits hot air and creates a distracting noise. Unsure as to whether this can be moved, the clients are looking for a solution that will lessen the noise, divert the hot air that the pipe emits and hide the unsightly pipe itself.

The clients would like a clean, modern ‘outdoor room’ in which to entertain and hold barbeques.

They like lush tropical gardens and a fusion of textures.

The space has been divided into three distinct sections.

The area directly outside the back door will be laid with attractive hardwood decking and will serve as a utility area and possible site for the BBQ when entertaining.

An impressive timber structure constructed in the centre of the space will form the garden’s main focus. This pergola will be clad with horizontal deck boards at one end to create a ‘wall’ to obscure the troublesome outlet pipe. The cladding will continue across 1/3rd of the roof to offer shade to a dining area below. The floor beneath the structure will be paved with sandstone slabs, upon which will stand a bespoke table and bench seats. One end of the table and bench seats will be attached to the timber clad ‘wall’, while the other end will be supported by legs.

The timber pergola will also house a tall stainless steel water feature. As well as creating an aesthetic focus from within the house, the sound of water gently cascading down this polished metal wall will help to mask the noise from the heating outlet pipe on the left hand boundary. Decorative aluminium chain curtains hanging from the cross beams of the pergola will give the structure a shimmering, fluid appearance and increase the sense of privacy and enclosure within. The client also has the option to erect a shade sail over the exposed section of the pergola roof should they wish.

The bottom left of the garden, which gets the last of the afternoon sun, will accommodate a rattan sofa and chairs on a decking patio for more informal, relaxed entertaining. Planting beds around the boundaries will feature architectural specimen plants interspersed with tall planters containing box balls to give the garden a strong sculptural feel.  Large and funky globe lights hanging within the pergola will add to the Scandinavian retro atmosphere, while an adult swing with a leaf shaped seat will bring a dose of fun to the space.