Garden Design London: Diary of a London Based Garden Design and Build Company: Week 16 2010

garden design

Another busy week for Earth Designs…

The enquiries keep flooding in… and the garden designs keep flowing out!

Matt has started our new site in Holloway – here are the before shots: Watch this space for the progress of the space as it develops.

It’s Sally’s last week before she leaves us to have her baby, and so we welcome Helen as her replacement. Helen joins us after training at the English Gardening School. She will step into Sally’s shoes – which aren’t easy ones to fill – and head up the gift voucher side of Earth Designs as well as helping to run the company. We will do a full intro next week.

Took on another 3 jobs: Ele and Rich in Clapham, Jacqui and James from Battersea and Sam and Neil in Oxford.

Went to see another couple of clients, one in Walthamstow and one in Buckhurst Hill, and am awaiting confirmation that they would like to proceed with design packages.

Met with Simone and David to discuss the budget of the Manor House. We are telling the story if this large project in stages on the blog; please read the full story about the project in our archives.

Still trying to finish the site in Greenwich – after waiting over 6 months for the goods to arrive from Morocco sadly the supplier has died and the company has ceased trading. Matt has been firmly on the case scouting out a new supplier, but the ‘M’ word makes us wince at the moment!

A client who contacted us last year and then put his project on hold for personal reasons has now come back to us with gusto. We are compiling a planting scheme for him.

Matt contracted a re-turfing job for an ex- One Day Attack client. They have opted for artificial lawn because the ground is permanently boggy in their garden and real turf struggles to survive.

Total Cost: £1,933.65

To comprise:
~ Remove existing lawn and level substrate as necessary
~ Rotavate substrate well, incorporating approximately 2 cubic metres sharp sand to aid drainage
~ Re-level substrate and rake to a tilth
~ Dress substrate with approx. 25mm layer of imported topsoil and tread in
~ Lay approximately 60 square metres hardy lawn turf and shape
~ Prune overhanging branches of trees as discussed
~ Waste disposal (skip hire)
~ Labour

Matt and I visited the National Herb Centre this weekend and splashed out on a few plants of our own. I replaced some of the herbs I had lost due to the harsh winter and Matt treated me to a beautiful small Magnolia ‘Susan’, as I adore Magnolias and due to lack of space can’t have a big one. He then came home and dutifully planted it – which when you work in gardens for a living is a real labour of love x. Our garden is really starting to flourish after a late start…