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I can see you Followed the Footprint to come and visit us – thank you. Don’t forget to click your RSS button to keep following.

We are just building the web-site up – so please shout loud and proud if you have any suggestions for regular features you would like to see posted here. I have plenty of idea seeds germinating – but there is always room for more – so all suggestions greatly appreciated.

Get your garden designed for FREE. Do you have a garden you would like to pick our brains about – then visit the garden clinic, where we will try and help solve all those design disasters on-line. All you need to do is send us a photo of you garden and a loose sketch – if you would like to add a few dimensions, so much the better and we will respond with some suggestions to breath life back into the space. Please email your info to

Want some inspiration for your garden, then visit Tip Top Tips for simple ideas you can produce for yourself. Or why not take a virtual visit round this month’s Feature Garden from our portfolio. This month it is ‘Fish Eye Lawn’, a garden designed and built in Leytonstone, London E11.

Hope you’re digging the blog. Keep following… Katrina xx

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