Creating impact in a garden – some sure-fire ways to dazzle your friends

garden design
Add a statement to your garden with a great chair!

Add a statement to your garden with a great chair!

Who wants a bland garden? The idea of transforming space for something dull and boring to something exciting and dynamic involves adding a big dose of personality! Here’s some ways you can create impact in a garden

A really simple way to do this is to add a dazzling piece of furniture. Statement pieces such as couches, seats, or other sundry items such as fire bowls, hot tubs etc can create a really big “noise” in any gardens space.

The other beauty with this approach is that should you be living in a rented property, or in the house you only plan living for a few years, the statement pieces can be moved on when you move. The items to consider;

Great planters; there is a variety of fabulous planters on the market. They range in lots of different materials from stone and slate natural materials, to poly concrete terracotta and fibre glass planters in bright funky colours. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and you’re guaranteed to find something to fit your space.

Jazzy furniture; a really simple way to brighten up any space is to include some funky furniture. There are so many different styles and options on the market but one bright dazzling piece is guaranteed to liven up any space. In some cases it can also act as a cracking piece of sculpture. Place it centre stage, frame it (i.e. the doorway) and stand back ready to be amazed.

Lighting is also another way to create impact in a garden! Including lighting in the space gives the garden that added extra. There are some great funky lighting products on the market from illuminated planters to glowing bars. Shop around and add a big dose of personality to the to your space. You’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes!