Grow a Friendly Space


This American client wanted to create an English cottage garden haven in South London. Circles and curved pathways snaked down the garden to the ‘Gin and Tonic’ patio and potting shed at the back of the space.


The design is based around a Moroccan courtyard theme. Directly outside the back door will be a porcelain tile patio spanning the width of the garden, large enough for a dining table and chairs placed to catch the morning to midday sun. A low feature wall finished with colourful Moroccan tiles will form the backdrop to this space.

A bespoke softwood timber pergola will span the centre of the garden. This structure will add height to the space and help to screen a large shed installed in the bottom left of the garden. The top of the pergola will be covered with several composite screens with a laser cut Moroccan pattern, helping to provide shade as well as act as a support trellis for climbing plants. When the sun is shining the screens will also cast a Moroccan pattern on to the paving below.

The back right hand corner of the garden will be feature a porcelain patio large enough for an outdoor sofa. To the left of this, installed along the side of the fence, will be a WWOO bespoke outdoor kitchen. Large format porcelain tile stepping stones will lead from the main patio, with another tiled feature wall dividing the space on the right hand side. The boundary fences all round will be painted with a deep navy timber paint and a gate installed at the entrance to the side return to create a separate bin storage area.

Planting will feature a specimen multi-stemmed Sumach and a Kodaline australis. The remainder of the planting will be selected for long flowering qualities or evergreen foliage.

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