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Grow a Friendly Space


Bamboo along side return to be removed. Pipework along side return to be boxed in. An area which can be enclosed for the client’s cats to be created – should be constructed in a way to enable removal at a later date. The current lower level needs to be extended to make the most of the sunniest part of the garden for entertaining.

The client has requested provision for an outdoor fire, a water feature/pond and a storage unit close to the house. The existing tree ferns, cordyline, fig and bamboo to be retained. The client’s fences along right hand boundary to be removed and cladding applied to neighbours fence behind. The growing area to the rear of the garden will remain as is.


This client wants to breathe new life into her garden. She would like the existing bamboo along the sideway removed and replaced with some GRP planters and an outdoor mirror. The flooring in this area will comprise hardwood decking with a decorative section of porcelain plank paving with a pebble infill. The existing pipework on the house wall will be boxed in with hardwood decking to match.

The existing level change will be pushed back down the garden to create a larger entertaining space next to the house. A rendered block wall will retain the upper level. Flooring in this area will consist of a continuation of the decking along the sideway, with a patio laid with porcelain plank paving to the right. A large timber enclosure will be constructed on the back of the house, with stainless steel mesh panelling and bifold doors to create a safe outdoor space for the client’s cats. This area will also benefit from a hardwood storage unit to accommodate the client’s garden tools and equipment. Stairs will lead to the upper garden. Beside these steps will be a Corten weathered steel water bowl, fed by a steel cascade water rill set into the side of the retaining wall.

At the top of the steps will be an off-set decking walkway, which will bridge a rectangular sunken pond edged with porcelain planks. The remaining section of this area will feature a wildflower meadow with porcelain plank stepping stone path leading to the existing vegetable garden beyond. Laser cut decorative Corten steel laser cut screens installed at the entrance to the vegetable growing area will provide a backdrop to the new garden. The client existing tree ferns, cordyline, fig and some bamboo will remain, with additional planting focussing on wildlife-friendly long flowering species, evergreen shrubs and herbaceous perennials.

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